TVP Episode 31 Terrifying Top Ten



The store is open and it’s Episode 31! Seth and Roxy discuss their ultimate top ten death scenes! From BAD TASTE, DEADLY FRIEND, COMBAT SHOCK and EVIL ED all the way to THE OMEN and STARRY EYES! Our top ten death sequences are revealed!  We also discuss the 2012 revenge flick THE SEASONING HOUSE. Producer Lumpy just got released from the hospital… only to find his way back in it. We hope he has medical insurance. The Junk Yard Killer is getting more and more annoyed. It’s a good time for our video store patrons! Thanks to Trent of Sansonus for the tunes! BE KIND REWIND FUCKERS!

image2TVP Episode 31 Terrifying Top Ten



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TVP Episode 24 Happy Birthday To Us



Episode 24 – Happy birthday… TO US! It’s been a year and we’re bringing you our birthday episode! Seth talks about the art of crashing your own party, in the sequel to the cult classic, DEMONS 2! Then Roxy tells us about some of the most interesting kills in any 80’s horror flick with, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! On top of that, why you can’t name your child Nutella, fart pills for your loved ones, horror movie release dates and why someone should just shoot Hollywood in the face! Some podcast celebrities call the video store hotline, a serial killer is on the loose in Sleazoid City and it’s all around a fucking awesome time! Have fun listening everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Let’s party!!!

image2 TVP Episode 24 – Happy Birthday to US