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Trash Video Podcast Episode 91 Sleaze-O-Rama

The Video Store is now OPEN. It’s episode 91 and things get a little sleazy… unintentionally. We talk about everything gross but especially what movies you shouldn’t show your friends. Seth has learned this lesson the hard way. We also bring up some of the movies that have turned us off or were too much for us. But hey we still have some movie reviews. Caligula from 1979, Brimstone and Treacle from 1982, The Sinful Dwarf 1973 and Slaughter High from 1986. So warning this is a dirty, dirty episode that is NSFW.

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TVP Episode 15 Weird and Sleazy


It’s a short and sleazy episode this week as Seth is overwhelmed by technical difficulties! We manage to talk about serial killers being tweeted, rapping grannies, paint companies using nipple colors and some low down, disturbing, sleazy movies! Don’t worry though; we continue our “Live Porn Searches” segment too!  Music provided by Monster A Go-Go. BE KIND REWIND FUCKERS!

Image2Trash Video Podcast Episode 15 – Weird and Sleazy