TVP Episode 85 Beelzebub’s Basement

Trash Video Podcast Episode 85 Beelzebub’s Basement

THE STORE IS OPEN! Welcome to Episode 85. HAIL SATAN! October is here and Seth and Roxy are happy, which is a rarity! We have some movie reviews like Lucio Fulci’s gore-fest TOUCH OF DEATH (1988), the obscure slasher flick SILENT MADNESS (1984), the weird sci-fi flick VICIOUS LIPS (1986), and another Steven King film adaptation with GERALD’S GAME (2017)! Also, part one of our annual October skit/storyline special, including demons, Satan, gimps, bad humor, portals to hell and semen covered VHS tapes! Music provided by Cory Sklar and Odd-o-matic.

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TVP Episode 44 Sleazoid City Chainsaw Hookers



It’s Episode 44, the store is open and we’re all over the place! Dead horror celebs, shitty directors, serial killers in AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Review of the creepy flick LAST SHIFT, Matt Damon in space with THE MARTIAN, more Halloween chat (because, fuck yeah, Halloween) WNUF chat, and why Christmas lights in November are the fucking worst.

image2TVP Episode 44 Sleazoid City Chainsaw Hookers

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