TVP Episode 57 Alligators Amityville and Earthquakes



It’s episode 57 and the store is open! Earthquakes with Eli Roth in his recent film, AFTERSHOCK, genetically mutated sewer monsters in the cult classic, ALLIGATOR (1980), INTRUDERS, CECIL B. DEMENTED, and also a visit from long time Sleazioid City resident, Dustin Ferguson discussing his latest film projects with AMYTIVILLE LEGACY and beyond! It’s a long one jerks, so buckle up. *honk honk* Music courtesy of, My Dick.

Image2TVP Episode 57 Alligators Amityville and Earthquakes



TVP Episode 18 We Don’t Have a Title



Episode 18 is a chaotic clip show, as we say farewell to wieners! We talk about fat crash test dummies, angry Florida meth addicts arguing about shampoo, some of our favorite skits, pimps calling from jail, live porn searches, and Roxy’s brief review of the remake/sequel, “The Town That Dreaded Sundown!”  And naturally some cool music; thanks to Odd-O-Matic! As always, be kind and rewind. We’re implementing fees.

Image2Trash Video Podcast Episode 18 – We Don’t Have a Title


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