TVP Episode 30 Anarchy, Cannibals, and Crossdressers, Oh My!


image2 TVP Episode 30 Anarchy, Cannibals, & Crossdressers!


The store is open! It’s Episode 30 so Seth and Roxy are diving into some of their favorite documentaries! We cover everything from Dahmer, to John Waters and Divine, GG Allin, Scientology, and Sid and Nancy! The Junkyard Killer threatens Roxy with a “present,” the Inappropriate Ghost makes a premonition, and everyone’s least favorite staff member Lumpy, is in for the shock of his life! It’s another fun one guys! BE KIND REWIND, OR THE SCIENTOLOGISTS WILL HUNT YOU DOWN! Thanks to Odd-O-Matic  for the tunes!


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Attack of the Invasion Movies


Attack of the Invasion Movies – Episode 4 – On this episode The Pimp educates Seth and Roxy on Horror Host history, and this is important shit. Listen closely.  We talk briefly about the movie Oculus, and the Ti West/Eli Roth collaboration: The Sacrament.  And if that isn’t enough… we are being INVADED this week by Nightmare City, Humanoids from the Deep, and Attack of the Giant Leeches.  Enjoy the show but don’t forget to Be Kind and Rewind, motherfuckers.




Episode 4 – Attack of the Invasion Movies