TVP Episode 55 The 420 Extravaganza



Yo, we’ve released Episode 55 a day early for your pleasure. No, really, it’s to mark the date 4/20 which is both Hitler’s Birthday, and the date of the notorious Columbine Massacre. We discuss the factual events of Columbine, and then talk about some of the films inspired by it. There is some Hitler talk, and some Nazi films reviews. It’s a “feel good” kind of show filled with Seth meltdowns, technical problems, and death! Music by Mac Lethal.

image2TVP Episode 55 The 420 Extravaganza


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TVP Episode 25 Deadly Dolls Round Table



Its episode 25 and we’re battling deadly dolls! Luckily, we have the fearless filmmaker, Dustin Ferguson visiting the video store to help us discuss all of our favorite small plastic creeps! Among the many movies we go over: DEMONIC TOYS, PINOCHIO’S REVENGE, DOLLY DEAREST, CHILD’S PLAY, ANNABELLE, PUPPET MASTER,  and then even deeper into the obscure killer dolls horror subgenre! It’s our second round table discussion with Dustin everyone, so enjoy, but don’t forget to rewind!  Special Thanks to Odd-O-Matic for the new song, available on Youtube and FB.

image2 Trash Video Podcast Episode 25 Deadly Dolls Round Table





TVP Episode 23 Women in Prison



Its episode 23 and this week so you better not drop the soap! We talk about the women in prison subgenre! John Vernon’s hairy chest freaks Seth out in CHAINED HEAT and Roxy talks about Linda Blair getting some unwanted attention from a plunger in BORN INNOCENT! On top of that, we discuss the bat-shit crazy serial murderer and spiritual space cadet, Aileen Wuornos and the art of how NOT to shoot people in the head with the “Long Island Lolita” herself, Amy Fisher! Also, some ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK , Netflix talk and some thanks for the listeners! It’s a fun one guys! BE KIND REWIND INMATES!  Thanks to Brad Sturdevant AKA Dizzo for the tunes!

image2Trash Video Podcast – Women in Prison


Trash Video Podcast Episode 8 The German Themed Episode


On this episode we head off to camp, and concentrate… on a German theme!  This will be a short and sweet show with Seth talking about the film “SS Girls”, and German Shepard sex (but only the implied kind).  Roxy proclaims her adoration for German actor “Udo Kier”. The Pimp tells us all about the only Rob Zombie film he actually likes “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto”, and cartoon boobs.  Heil Trash Video Podcast!


Dawn Of The VHS by Live Fast Die is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.



Trash Video Podcast Episode 8 The German Themed Episode


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