TVP Episode 33 We Love Linnea Quigley



It’s Episode 33 and the doors are open again with a very special episode of Trash Video Podcast! Filmmaker and returning guest Dustin Ferguson visits us again! Seth and Dustin talk about their insane trip to one of the last video stores in existence!  It’s like traveling in time back to the 80’s and our childhoods! Then we get into a discussion about America’s favorite scream queen, LINNEA QUIGLEY! It’s a fun one video people!  Thanks to Asian Babes and Dirty D & Queen Bre for the tunes!

image2 TVP Episode 33 We Love Linnea Quigley


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TVP Episode 23 Women in Prison



Its episode 23 and this week so you better not drop the soap! We talk about the women in prison subgenre! John Vernon’s hairy chest freaks Seth out in CHAINED HEAT and Roxy talks about Linda Blair getting some unwanted attention from a plunger in BORN INNOCENT! On top of that, we discuss the bat-shit crazy serial murderer and spiritual space cadet, Aileen Wuornos and the art of how NOT to shoot people in the head with the “Long Island Lolita” herself, Amy Fisher! Also, some ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK , Netflix talk and some thanks for the listeners! It’s a fun one guys! BE KIND REWIND INMATES!  Thanks to Brad Sturdevant AKA Dizzo for the tunes!

image2Trash Video Podcast – Women in Prison