TVP Episode 17 Movies with THE in the Title


On Episode 17 Roxy and Seth explore movies with the word “the” in the title with, “THE Beyond” and “Igor and THE Lunatics!” On top of that we talk about the French “Annabelle” riots, throwing dildos at kids, and pleasuring yourself on a horse at Walmart. We’ve got a new, very special, she-male “Live Porn Searches,” a strange child calls into the store, and we have music by Odd-O-Matic! It’s sweet and tight this week! BE KIND REWIND MOTHERFUCKERS!

Image2TVP Episode 17  – Movies with THE in the Title



Trash Video Podcast Episode 6 – For The Love of Troma


On Episode 6 Seth talks about discovering the NBC show Hannibal, and how it is filling his “Dexter” hole. Roxy talks about a new movie by director and writer John Schnieder called Smothered. The Pimp shines his spotlight on Ross Patterson. We also head to Tromaville this week so that we can discuss some of our favorite Troma films: Combat Shock, Mother’s Day, and Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.

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Trash Video Podcast Episode 6 – For the Love of Troma

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