TVP Episode 57 Alligators Amityville and Earthquakes



It’s episode 57 and the store is open! Earthquakes with Eli Roth in his recent film, AFTERSHOCK, genetically mutated sewer monsters in the cult classic, ALLIGATOR (1980), INTRUDERS, CECIL B. DEMENTED, and also a visit from long time Sleazioid City resident, Dustin Ferguson discussing his latest film projects with AMYTIVILLE LEGACY and beyond! It’s a long one jerks, so buckle up. *honk honk* Music courtesy of, My Dick.

Image2TVP Episode 57 Alligators Amityville and Earthquakes



Trash Video Podcast Episode 11 DIY Horror Directors and Movies



It’s episode 11 of Trash Video and we get our first customer! Filmmaker and friend, Dustin Ferguson, director of DOLL KILLER and DIE SISTER DIE stops by! We sit down to discuss do-it-yourself horror, shooting on VHS, and making fun of Seth in a monkey outfit. But first we talk about murdering Chihuahuas, Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys making his own horror movie, The new FX show The Strain,  prostate exams and wieners, lots of wieners. An extremely laid back episode this week! Thanks again to Dustin for showing up, and giving us some business at the store! REWIND THOSE TAPES KIDS!

Dawn Of The VHS by Live Fast Die is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.




Trash Video Podcast Episode 11 DIY Horror Directors and Movies


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