TVP Episode 27 Ghostacular



It’s the GHOSTACULAR episode of TVP! Seth and Roxy share their paranormal (or not) experiences, and discuss some movies dealing with our ghostly friends! We talk about the Something Weird Video classic TWO THOUSAND MANIACS, and the After Dark Films THE GRAVEDANCERS!  What else? Well,  we fool around with a Ouija board, the Junk Yard Killer is still on the loose in Sleazoid City, brodown Ghost Adventures, and listener call ins! It’s a spooky one… boils and ghouls! We dare you to listen with your lights off! BE KIND REWIND FUCKERS!  Thanks to Dizzo for the tunes, Junk Food Dinner, and HunnicOutcasts for the drops!

image2Trash Video Podcast Episode 27 GHOSTACULAR



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TVP Episode 26 Netflix on Our Minds



It’s episode 26 and we’ve got Netflix on our minds! Seth and Roxy discuss several movies recently added and ready to be watched! First up is the artsy cannibal pick WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, a twist on the slasher genre with ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, a couple alien movies, how to defend yourself against a murderous rapist that likes to sing jingle bells in ACT OF VENGEANCE, FAT KID RULES THE WORLD and the movie that Kim Jong-un is sure to hate (or love) THE INTERVIEW from 2014! On top of that we introduce the Kill Committee, sex dolls are discussed, listener email ,and a new staff member joins us (kinda)! It’s another fun one guys! BE KIND REWIND! Thanks to Dizzo for the outro tunes!

image2 TVP Episode 26 Netflix on Our Minds