TVP Episode 28 Chaos Reigns



Its episode 28 and Chaos Reigns, so Seth and Roxy are headed back to the ‘ole video store dropbox to see which rentals were recently returned! We get depressed while discussing the Lars Von Trier flick Antichrist, we chat about some Random Acts of Violence, we talk about how David Cronenberg’s son is going nowhere, and how much Udo Kier kicks ass! The Junkyard Killer is still on the loose, and the stores least favorite staff member, Lumpy shows up late again for work! It’s another fun one everybody!  Thanks to My Dick for the outro music!

image2TVP Episode 28 Chaos Reigns 


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TVP Episode 24 Happy Birthday To Us



Episode 24 – Happy birthday… TO US! It’s been a year and we’re bringing you our birthday episode! Seth talks about the art of crashing your own party, in the sequel to the cult classic, DEMONS 2! Then Roxy tells us about some of the most interesting kills in any 80’s horror flick with, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! On top of that, why you can’t name your child Nutella, fart pills for your loved ones, horror movie release dates and why someone should just shoot Hollywood in the face! Some podcast celebrities call the video store hotline, a serial killer is on the loose in Sleazoid City and it’s all around a fucking awesome time! Have fun listening everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Let’s party!!!

image2 TVP Episode 24 – Happy Birthday to US