TVP Episode 20 Say You Love Satan


Its episode 20 and we’re celebrating the dark lord by reviewing some devilish horror titles! Seth talks about THE UNHOLY (1988) and Roxy gets jipped with SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS (1977)! On top of that, Seth soldiers through THE PYRAMID (2014) and contemplates suicide, Roxy actually has a good time with THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN (also 2014). We talk about an evil Christmas Santa, how being a horror fan is difficult, and Jim Van Bebber’s brutal short film MY SWEET SATAN.  Then we go for the real life “acid king” and teenage Satanist Ricky Kasso, and some of the other horror films he influenced.  Also, Josh Schafer of LUNCHMEAT MAGAZINE and ADJUST YOUR TRACKING drops by the store to discuss all sorts of VHS goodness! Lastly, we have some great music by Odd-O-Matic. It’s a good one folks! BE KIND REWIND and HAIL SATAN!


Image2 TVP Episode 20 Say You Love Satan





TVP Episode 12 Hitler Mustaches and Anthologies


It’s episode 12 and the boys are tending the store without the beautiful Roxy! She had some “chick” problem  and couldn’t show up to work. We talk about Herman Munster rape, castration, menstrual cycles, Sons of Anarchy, Expendables 3 and Matthew Broderick murdering people. You know, the usual kind of stuff. The Pimp reviews CHAPLIN from 1992 and Seth fucks up his review with DEADTIME STORIES from 1986! We’re in the video store without a woman’s touch, so give us a break and enjoy!


 TVP Episode 12 Hitler Mustaches and Anthologies


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