Special Features



This page is dedicated to Guests, Movies, and Music that has somehow been featured on our podcast.

If you are a music artist, or have made a movie you’d like us to review, or even wish to be a guest on one of our episodes…. please contact us.


Dawn Of The VHS by Live Fast Die is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. We’ve used it as our theme song many times.


Special Thanks to Trent Menassa for the Trash Video theme song he wrote and performed for us.


Dustin Ferguson with 42nd Street Films – Dustin was on Episode 11 and a great guest!


Odd-O-Matic –  A truly awesome band that Roxy discovered! They are featured on Episode 3, Episode 17, and Episode 18!


Kosha Dillz – Music featured on Episode 14 If you like Jewish Rap and Pickles then check him out!


Universe Contest – Featured on Episode 10. Seth’s high school chum is in a pretty cool band. If you like Indie rock check ‘em out http://youtu.be/uyg25LDIRGo


See that cool picture on this page? At the top? Well, our buddy Andrew Klass made it for us while highly medicated. He’s a really great artist so check out his stuff. We also think he loves Seth in an sinful way.


Who doesn’t enjoy Girlflesh? Featured on Episode 13!


Check out Episode 15 to hear some Monster A Go-Go! and check out their page too!







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