TVP Episode 32 Escaped Mental Patients



The video store is open for business! It’s episode 32 and time to discuss our favorite escaped mental patient movies! NIGHTMARE IN A DAMAGED BRAIN, ALONE IN THE DARK (’82), STAGE FRIGHT (’87), BLOOD RAGE, and a store classic, THE STEPFATHER! On top of that, Lumpy pisses off The Junkyard Killer! Seth gripes about moronic parenting and the downfall of mankind. Roxy shares a story of trashy people peeing in public places and we get a heartfelt story about VHS hunting (kind of). We had a really fun time with this one, so we hope you do too! ENJOY – VIDEO STORE PEOPLE! Thanks to Odd-O-Matic for the outro tunes!

image2TVP Episode 32 Escaped Mental Patients


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