The Jim Wynorski Chronicles


On the Trash Video Podcast Episode 3 our sexy hosts review some of their favorite Jim Wynorski flicks which includes: 976-EVIL II, Sorority House Massacre, and Demolition High. We all love Wynorski, don’t you?  Also discussed is Victor Salva’s Dark house, VHS hunting, shingles, some thank yous and more. Music included by Odd-O-Matic (with permission). Enjoy the show!


Episode 3 The Jim Wynorski Chronicles

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About Trash Video Podcast

The Trash Video Podcast is a bi-weekly show set in an old fashioned "mom and pop" Video Store. We don’t care about stupid Hollywood remakes, or mainstream cinema. Instead they tell odd stories, discuss VHS collecting, horror movie reviews, pop culture, trashy television, and weird news. Its madness, its mayhem, and most of all… its fun.
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