Horror Movies

Scary creepy images have existed in film as long as we have had the ability to make them. An element of “horror” exists in all types of film genres.  Horror movies make us ask the eternal question, “what if” and allow us to venture into the unknown.  It taps into our childhood fears of shadows, shapes, and slightly opened closet doors. We watch, get scared, and remind ourselves that it’s only a movie!

Most mainstream film reviewers treat horror films with disregard.  The main audience is usually considered the “teenage” crowd, although many adults including women enjoy them too! Horror Movies are a very misunderstood genre: rarely winning awards or receiving critical praise.  Yet many horror films have become groundbreaking pieces of pop culture that are as entwined in our society as Stars Wars or the Wizard of Oz is.  Horror movies have created their own icons, their own celebrities, and their own mythologies.

Those of us who enjoy riding the roller coaster at any amusement park can probably understand the “thrill” that a horror film delivers to its audience.  The same things that attract us to a “funhouse” at a carnival – can lead us into movie theatres.  The sense of experiencing “terror” in a safe environment can be extremely enticing.  At the end of a really creepy horror film we can say we have glimpsed into darkness, and survived.

Horror films are not designed to be taken so seriously; they are simply another genre of entertainment in “movie land”. Horror Movies tell the audience about fantasies and ideologies rather than social realities; although reality may often inspire the fantasy.  Horror has its own niche, and market that has always existed, and isn’t going away anytime soon.


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